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Asthmatic Conditions – 8 year old boy

Asthmatics and Vertebral Subluxation

Dear Dr. Hornback,

As steady patients of yours for close to a year, we came to you seeking help primarily for our son who had been suffering from severe asthmatic attacks. On your recommendation, we brought him to you. We have since found, much to our surprise, that he is substantially better than he has ever been in his eight years of life. Please share our story with other families that suffer with a loved one with asthma.

Our son had a history of respiratory infections, including pneumonia and asthma attacks since birth. At this time my insurance coverage did not provide for chiropractic care and I entrusted my son’s care to medical doctors. For seven years he was treated with a wide variety of antibiotics, breathing sprays, and bronchial dilators.

asthmatic conditions paradise valley az chiropractorThe turning point was last year, Super Bowl Sunday. He had a severe asthmatic attack that brought us to the emergency room at Desert Samaritan Hospital. The doctor prescribed a syrup bronchial dilator and antibiotics. After bringing him home that night he became worse; his skin tone was gray and his heart racing; he was wheezing and coughing and had difficulty breathing. He also was running a high fever. I phoned his pediatrician three times during the night but was told they were doing all they could for him and I could take him back to the emergency room. I slept with my son all night, comforting him the best I could. The next day I attended a Leads Club business meeting that Dr. Hornback and I had both belonged to, and this particular day it was Dr. Hornback’s turn to discuss his business. I had heard Dr. Hornback talk before but to my own embarrassment I never believed that a chiropractor could help a person with asthma. I felt that I had exhausted all options of help for my son until that morning when Dr. Hornback gave his talk about asthma and chiropractic care.

With no where to turn I took my son to Dr. Hornback’s office, where he was x-rayed and evaluated. Dr. Hornback very gently adjusted him and explained in detail his evaluation of the x-ray and physical examination. My son, to my surprise, was already looking and feeling better right after the first visit. I decided to take him off all medication that first day and give Dr. Hornback my trust to help my son.

It has been almost a year now since my son has been completely free of all antibiotics from day one with Dr. Hornback and has not had one asthmatic attack. His skin is now a rosy glow instead of a scary gray and maybe it is my imagination but I think he is growing taller and even doing better in school. Our entire family now goes to see Dr. Hornback and is thankful for his concern and personalized care.

Many thanks for changing our lives,


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