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I am a powerlifter who has to lift heavy weights on a weekly basis, which takes its toll on your body, I recently Slipped a rib while squatting, I was in INTENSE pain, the next day I went here and got adjusted ,I felt around 45% better instantly, by the morning I was up to 90% better and by day 3 I feel great, I highly recommend this place – Thomas E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Joe’s for many years. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and attentive chiropractor who will listen to you and work with you to address whatever your issues are, then you need to meet Dr. Joe. Besides his expertise and professionalism, he is a very amenable friendly guy. No matter where he locates his practice throughout the valley, I’m going his way. Give Dr. Joe an opportunity and you’ll stick with him just like me. Thank you Dr. Joe!! – Nick M.

I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Joe for about 2 years now and I would definitely recommend him to everyone. He’s has helped me get relief during my last pregnancy from my first trimester all the way until my daughter was born.He has also adjusted my 4 year old and 6 month old and it has helped with their overall wellness. I had always had lower back problems and getting adjusted has helped me very much. Dr. Joe is Professional and very skilled. – Janine J.

phoenix chiropractor reviewsDr. Joe has been adjusting me since I got in a car accident at 16, I’m now in my 30’s. I went to him through out all my pregnancies & he has adjusted my kids and husband too! I’m a firm believer in Chiropractic as I can feel for myself how much better I feel after an adjustment. – Jane C

Dr Joe Hornback is a true professional who provides excellent care. He has treated me for scoliosis and provided great relief over the years. – Catheryn A.

Best Chiropractor in town!!! Great for the entire family! My kids love getting adjusted by Dr. Joe!! – Heather T.

Great experience. The doctor was very caring and conscientious! – Terry S.

“I feel great! Would definitely recommend – Rebecca

Dr. Joe is awesome! Gentle yet effective technique, and he explains everything in perfect detail. Definitely recommend any time!

The Dr is wonderful. I called at 5:00 on Friday because my neck was in serious pain. He was able to fit me in right away and helped immensely! He also used the hand held device (Activator) on my most tender areas, so no painful twisting. I highly recommend.

Commit To Quit

Commit to Quit – May 31, 2015

commit to quit - no tobacco day 2015
National Tobacco Day 2015 is a great day to commit to quit smoking. As an American citizen, I fully support everyone’s right to choose to smoke or be overweight or whatever other vice a person may have that shortens their life. But, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I encourage people to cut way back or not do it at all. One of the biggest things I remember when we started studying the anatomy of the lungs at Palmer College of Chiropractic, was the anatomy teacher saying, “the lungs are not designed to breathe in smoke of ANY kind”. This has played out in my mind thousands of times the last 30+ years.

Living in the electronic age as we do, virtually every adult knows the risks of smoking. I’m gonna turn the focus to some of the financial aspects. According to, “Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US.” They say that there are $35 in health-related costs for every pack of cigarettes at $6.36. They state, “1/2 of all those who continue to smoke will DIE from a smoking-related illness.”

Let’s be more specific. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in Arizona as of August 2014 was $8.05. If a person smokes HALF of a pack a day, that’s $1,469.13 per year. Guess what? If you quit smoking you can afford ONE YEAR of chiropractic care for your ENTIRE FAMILY! And… You’ll have money left to take them out to have fun. The one year of care at Phoenix Mountain Chiropractic Life Center would be $99/month for 12 months or $1,188. This would leave almost $300 for fun.

So, I encourage you to commit to quit. Free yourself from the 7,000 chemicals and compounds you are pulling into your body. This will reduce your cancer-risk as at least 69 of those chemicals are cancer-causing. Your future health picture will improve immediately. By spending your money on chiropractic instead, your entire family will benefit by improved function of their nerve systems. Improved nerve system function will lead to improved function of all your organs and systems. (improved health)

If you decide not to commit to quit, I’d still urge you to get regular chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic care will assist your lungs, lymphatic system, liver and other organs/systems of the body. Improved function of these vital organs will allow your body to better deal with the toxic chemicals and compounds.

Yours for a better life,

Dr. Joe Hornback

Free Chiropractic Care?

Free Chiropractic Care? Maybe…

Well, as much as I’d love to offer free chiropractic care, it’s not possible to do so. Rent, insurance, phone bills and other necessities require income. But, with the low fees for regular chiropractic care at PMCLC, it’s completely possible that you could end up with free chiropractic care. “How is that possible?” Well, thanks for asking. One of the best benefits regular chiropractic patients tend to enjoy with improved function of their body is improved immunity. Basically, regular patients tend to not get sick as often. But don’t take my word for it, one of my patients explained it best:

“My feeling of health was verified when the personnel director at my office informed me of unused sick days which I could now use as extra vacation if I chose. That has never happened before!” (read her review)

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can get free chiropractic care.

Cost Reason
$588 12 months chiropractic care at $49/month

For our example, let’s look at potential savings for someone who takes advantage of 4 adjustments per month for $49.

Cost Reason
$320 Doesn’t miss 2 days of work at $20/hour during the year
$100 Doesn’t need 2 doctor visits at $50 each during the year ***
$180 Saves $15/month on prescriptions or OTC medications

Obviously, this is oversimplified. In this example, the patient recovers his chiropractic expenses completely. This is intended to help you understand that free chiropractic care is possible. In addition, many patients also experience:

free chiropractic care 85028

  • More Energy
  • Clearer Thinking, Memory and Concentration
  • Less Stress and Irritability
  • A Longer Life
  • More Sleep
  • Greater Value From Exercise
  • More Balanced Body Chemistry
  • Better Efficiency
  • Improved Performance
  • Better Digestion
  • Better Enjoyment of Life

I think that you’ll agree that many of the items listed above are priceless. If you are less irritable all the time, how can you put a price tag on what that means to your relationship with your children? With your spouse? At work?

Now’s a great time to start regular, affordable (free?) chiropractic care. Call (602) 788-5433. It’s that easy!

Why Not Insurance?

Why Not Insurance? An important question…

One of the biggest reasons is it is simply not worth it any more. We’ve reached a point in time where deductibles are higher, co-pays are higher and coverages are reduced. Usually, accepting insurance requires more staff and expenses up front. It also requires constant follow-up to make sure the claim gets paid quickly and accurately. No longer do the benefits of accepting insurance outweigh all the negatives that go with it.

Here is an actual check one of my colleagues received. He stated clearly, this is a reason he is transitioning from an insurance practice to a membership or concierge type practice.

why not insurance - phoenix chiropractor concierge practice

Why not insurance? This is one of the reasons….

Note: this insurance company paid someone to process this check, bought the check to print it on, purchased the envelope to send it in and paid for postage. Just think, 109 more patient visits like this and he could buy ANY size drink at McDonald’s. (grin)

There are also other reasons why I have a membership practice and do not accept insurance. Many people let their insurance coverage dictate their care. Insurance companies do not want their clients to be healthy, they only want them to be symptom-free. Those two terms ARE NOT the same. As a result, many people use insurance to pay for chiropractic aspirin-care if you will. While this may help temporarily, it leads to people missing out on the true benefits of chiropractic care.

At Phoenix Mountain Chiropractic Life Center, WE CARE. That’s an acronym for Where Everyone Can Afford Routine Examination. We keep our fees lower than what most insurance co-pays are now, so that you can afford chiropractic care.

Why not insurance? Now you know. Regular chiropractic care improves function. Improved function means you’ll work better, play better, have improved immunity, just to name a few. You have a choice, let the insurance companies dictate your aspirin care or be healthier. If you’ve always chosen the former – how’s that working for you? If you are expecting a different result, maybe it’s time to do something differently…..

Phoenix Resident Beats Recurring Breathing Problems, Headaches Naturally

Breathing Problems


One day a patient and long-time friend of mine asked me if I could help someone with breathing problems. I told him I didn’t know, but if he referred him in, I would examine him to see. My friend told me that his friend had been having headaches lasting 4-5 hours a night. He said that the breathing problems were basically that he was short-of-breath.

breathing problemsUpon his arrival to my office in Tempe at the time, I had him fill out a thorough case history. It was determined that x-rays were necessary and that was the next step. With x-rays and a detailed spinal examination, I found VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS causing ABNORMAL FUNCTION in his body. I explained to him how chiropractic works and how it could help restore NORMAL FUNCTION to his body. I told him, that I expected his body to improve and for him to see a positive change and overall improvement of his health. He understood and agreed to chiropractic care. The results were amazing.

Read Jace’s testimonial HERE.

Middle Back Pain

Middle Back Pain

Thoracic Pain

middle back painOne of the most common conditions bringing patients into our office is mid-back pain. In my experience, one of the most common causes of middle back pain is stress. The thoracic spine houses a tremendous amount of sympathetic nerves. That’s the part of the autonomic (automatic) nervous system that’s responsible for “fight or flight”. Anytime we are under more pressure, our sympathetics kick in. This can lead to a lot of VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS in the thoracic spine. The resulting loss of nerve function creates even more stress. This leads to decreased function. It’s very common for mid-back subluxations to cause a lack of sleep. Loss of sleep prevents us from recovering from the daily stresses and wreaks even more havoc. Our bodies get stuck in this cycle. Unless these subluxations are adjusted, it continues to create dis-ease. Many of the nerves that supply the heart, lungs and stomach are located in the middle and upper back. It is of utmost importance to maintain NORMAL FUNCTION in this area. Natural News reported on January 7, 2012 – “Research indicates that regular chiropractic adjustments may prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, relieve chest pain and support the cardiovascular system, according to the Palmer Chiropractic College“.

What does a chiropractor do for middle back pain? Doctors of Chiropractic do not treat conditions. Our focus is on how the spine functions. We have spent thousands of hours studying anatomy and physiology. We are the only health care providers trained to detect and correct subluxations. We will examine the spine and give gentle, safe chiropractic adjustments to the subluxations that are found. By removing the source of ABNORMAL FUNCTION, with time and repetition, the nervous system will be able to regulate the body properly. Optimal nerve function leads to more fully functional body overall. In most cases, this means the middle back pain will be relieved.

Headaches – A Real Pain In The Neck


A Real Pain in the Neck

headaches chiropractor paradise valleyAccording to the National Headache Foundation, almost 50 million people suffer from chronic headaches. More than 37 million people suffer from migraine headaches. Women have three times more migraines than men do. People also suffer from other types of headaches: sinus, cluster, tension, mixed headache sydrome (aka transformed migraines), acute headaches, hormone headaches and chronic progressive headaches.

Many people are content to treat headaches with drugs. While this may appear to be solving the problem, it is the equivalent of turning off a loud fire alarm and never looking for a fire. Headaches are symptoms! Symptoms are warning signs the human body has built in that are telling us something is wrong, find out what it is and fix it. By treating headaches as symptoms, often times, we overlook theheadaches paradise valley chiropractor
cause of why they are there in the first place. As a result, this “cause” is allowed to continue to create negative effects to the body. The damage accumulates and more serious dis-ease states occur. There are also side effects to all drugs. Acetaminophen, commonly taken for headaches, is the number one cause of liver failure in the United States according to WebMD.

Chiropractors do not diagnose the different types of headaches or treat them. A Doctor of Chiropractic spends thousands of hours learning human anatomy. His education is intense on the spine and nervous system. He will examine the entire spine; including the C1 vertebra, C2 vertebra and C3 vertebra; looking for VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS. Subluxations interfere with the normal flow of nerve impulses. When part of the body is not receiving its proper nerve supply (CAUSE), it starts to FUNCTION ABNORMALLY and build itself sick (TISSUE DAMAGE) and ultimately can chiropractic adjustments headachesresult in the third stage of dis-ease (SYMPTOMS). Most people initially seek chiropractic care for their symptoms. They find that with time and repetition of gentle chiropractic adjustments, their body starts to return to NORMAL FUNCTION. As their body functions better, it starts to heal and their headaches and other dis-eases start to improve.


Sciatica is also called Sciatic Neuritis

sciatica phoenix sciatica paradise valley

path of sciatic nerve

Sciatica, according to WebMD is “pain, tingling, or numbness produced by an irritation of the nerve roots that lead to the sciatic nerve.” In many cases, sciatica or inflammation of the sciatic nerve is a vivid example of a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION. It is not the intention of a Doctor of Chiropractic to treat sciatica or any other condition. But, patients who enter our office often notice that when their subluxations start getting adjusted, with time and repetition, their body’s overall function improves. This often results in conditions such as sciatica improving as well. It is important to keep in perspective though, that symptoms are not a good measurement of how healthy a person is.

The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest single nerve of the body. It is composed of five nerve roots. The nerve roots that exit between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae (the L4 nerve) and the 5th lumbar and sacrum (L5 nerve) are involved. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd sacral nerves which exit from the sacrum, also contribute to the sciatic nerve. The sacrum is comprised of five bones that fuse in adulthood to become one large bone.

The sciatic nerve supplies muscle strength and sensory perception to the leg. It is also responsible for the leg’s reflexes. It connects the brain with the outside of the thigh and the hamstring muscles in the back of the thighs. It also supplies muscles in the lower leg and feet.

As such, when the sciatic nerve is impinged or irritated, it can lead to muscle weakness and/or numbness. Patients often experience tingling in the leg, ankle, foot, and/or toes as well.

In chiropractic practice, we see on a daily basis, VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS of the L4 and L5 vertebrae, sacrum and the ilium bones. The ilium bones are often called hip bones and attach on either side of the sacrum forming the sacro-iliac joints.

Symptoms (Feelings) vs. Function

Symptoms: What are they?

There are approximately 420 million nerve tracts in the human nervous system. About 10% of these are responsible for feelings: pain, pleasure, numbness, hot, cold, etc. In the United States though, most of our healthcare systems, our health insurance industry and most people have 90% of their attention focused on symptoms or “how you feel”. Often, when a patient enters our office, they are focused 100% on their symptoms. Symptoms, such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain and numbness are not conditions. They are warning signs that something is going wrong and needs to be fixed. If you break your ankle, what happens? It hurts! Imagine what would happen if those symptoms weren’t there. We’d walk around, work, go dancing and do other activities on that broken ankle until some permanent damage is done. Your body is telling you something is wrong, fix it.

Sometimes, if the symptoms are life-threatening, they need to be dealt with immediately. Most of the time though, a better approach would be to find the cause of the symptom and eliminate it. Logic dictates that eliminating the cause will in turn eliminate the symptom as well. Treating ONLY the symptom, is like having your check engine light come on in your car and having the technician spray some black paint to cover up the light. Symptoms are not a good measurement of health. A splinter can create a lot of pain, yet it is rarely very serious. On the other hand, cancer can be festering in someone’s body for years and not even produce symptoms until stage 3 or 4.

back pain headaches neck painWhen someone comes into our office, we take a case history, conduct a thorough consultation and perform a detailed chiropractic examination. Once we determine if the symptoms are not life-threatening, we proceed with x-rays if they are necessary. Chiropractic adjustments are then started accordingly. At this point, it is our goal to shift the focus away from the symptoms and direct them toward restoring nerve function. The major unfound cause, especially in chronic dis-ease of decreased function of the nervous system is VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION. With time and repetition of chiropractic adjustments to VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS, we find a restoration in the function of the nervous system leading to an improvement of the overall health of the individual.

symptoms back pain headaches neck pain