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Phoenix Resident Beats Recurring Breathing Problems, Headaches Naturally

Breathing Problems


One day a patient and long-time friend of mine asked me if I could help someone with breathing problems. I told him I didn’t know, but if he referred him in, I would examine him to see. My friend told me that his friend had been having headaches lasting 4-5 hours a night. He said that the breathing problems were basically that he was short-of-breath.

breathing problemsUpon his arrival to my office in Tempe at the time, I had him fill out a thorough case history. It was determined that x-rays were necessary and that was the next step. With x-rays and a detailed spinal examination, I found VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS causing ABNORMAL FUNCTION in his body. I explained to him how chiropractic works and how it could help restore NORMAL FUNCTION to his body. I told him, that I expected his body to improve and for him to see a positive change and overall improvement of his health. He understood and agreed to chiropractic care. The results were amazing.

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