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Infertility Chiropractic Care – 30 year old

Infertility Chiropractic Care

Hi, my name is Marie, and I’m a Mom. I say this proudly, with excitement and awe, because I didn’t think I could get pregnant. That’s where chiropractic helped. During my first marriage, my husband and I tried for two years to get pregnant. I went off birth control and didn’t have a menstrual cycle for five months. I had remembered always being irregular, though I had taken the pill for seven years, thus I didn’t think about my cycle much. It was discovered, over the next six months, that I didn’t ovulate, though no one knew why. Over the course of two years, I took my temperature and had sex on schedule, did nothing, took the fertility drug, Clomid, had a laparoscopy to stimulate my ovaries, did nothing, went on vacation, had a hysteosalpingogram to clean out my fallopian tubes (which was not necessary because I still was not having a cycle), saw three specialists who informed me about the high cost of extensive fertility procedures, and cried a lot. All to no avail. My husband and I divorced and I started dating my current husband.

We were on a vacation and he hurt his back when he twisted wrong while picking up luggage. This injury caused him to see a local chiropractor in Pompano Beach, where we were living at the time. Dr. Paula required her patients to go to a health talk, and I accompanied Matt when he went. After this talk, I talked to Dr. Paula about my regular stress headaches which always go up the back of my head and the tension which always settles in my shoulders. I had also taken a spill rollerblading and had twisted my neck. During my initial exam, Dr. Paula infertility chiropractic carecommented on my medical history, exclaiming that she knew I had difficulty getting pregnant due to the feel of my lower back. X-rays revealed that one of my nerves, which leads to my ovaries, was extremely pinched and the nerve was not operating properly. My chiropractic journey begun.

When we moved to Phoenix, we started seeing Dr. Joe Hornback. I told him my problem and continued chiropractic care. Within five months of seeing Dr. Joe three times a week, I had my first non-induced period in thirteen years. My ovaries were working!!! Approximately six months later, I got pregnant. I continued to see Dr. Joe during my pregnancy which I feel contributed to a relatively short labor (11 1/2 hours). My husband and I are thrilled to have healthy, beautiful baby girl (who also sees Dr. Joe). Thank you, Dr, Joe (and Dr. Paula) for educating me on the benefits of infertility chiropractic and helping me realize my dream of being a Mom.



(Note: Marie had a son a few years later – for Marie’s infertility chiropractic care helped her body function normally)

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