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Automobile Accident Injury – 34 year old woman

Automobile Accident Injury

Dear Dr. Hornback,

On July 28, 1999 I was in my car at a three way stop sign and was hit by a school van that missed the stop sign and ran into my car at about 35 mph. I was taken to the hospital on a back board and released that day. However, I had tightness in my lower back and wanted to have it checked out by a doctor that specialized in the proper functioning of the spinal column.

I had never gone to a chiropractor before, and had heard many mixed messages from a variety of people. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to have met and listened to many presentations by Dr. Joe Hornback prior to my accident, as there was no question of where I was going to go for an examination.

Upon examination, Dr. Hornback discovered that I had soft tissue damage and I began immediately seeing him three times a week for adjustments. Probably the most important part of my 5 months of going to him for my injury was the education that I got on chiropractic care. He not only wanted me to feel better but his staff wanted to make sure that I understood the nature of chiropractic care both in treatment and prevention. I firmly believe this was a vital part of my recovery. I feel 200% better than I did last August when I first went to Dr. Hornback’s office after my car accident. I have since referred a number of people to Dr. Hornback, and now that I live in Maryland, to chiropractic care in general.

The service that I received from his staff was professional, friendly, and very accommodating for my busy and crazy schedule. I would highly recommend Dr. Joe Hornback to any accident victim, attorney of an accident victim, or person that wanted to feel great all of the time!


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