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Why Not Insurance?

Why Not Insurance? An important question…

One of the biggest reasons is it is simply not worth it any more. We’ve reached a point in time where deductibles are higher, co-pays are higher and coverages are reduced. Usually, accepting insurance requires more staff and expenses up front. It also requires constant follow-up to make sure the claim gets paid quickly and accurately. No longer do the benefits of accepting insurance outweigh all the negatives that go with it.

Here is an actual check one of my colleagues received. He stated clearly, this is a reason he is transitioning from an insurance practice to a membership or concierge type practice.

why not insurance - phoenix chiropractor concierge practice
Why not insurance? This is one of the reasons….

Note: this insurance company paid someone to process this check, bought the check to print it on, purchased the envelope to send it in and paid for postage. Just think, 109 more patient visits like this and he could buy ANY size drink at McDonald’s. (grin)

There are also other reasons why I have a membership practice and do not accept insurance. Many people let their insurance coverage dictate their care. Insurance companies do not want their clients to be healthy, they only want them to be symptom-free. Those two terms ARE NOT the same. As a result, many people use insurance to pay for chiropractic aspirin-care if you will. While this may help temporarily, it leads to people missing out on the true benefits of chiropractic care.

At Phoenix Mountain Chiropractic Life Center, WE CARE. That’s an acronym for Where Everyone Can Afford Routine Examination. We keep our fees lower than what most insurance co-pays are now, so that you can afford chiropractic care.

Why not insurance? Now you know. Regular chiropractic care improves function. Improved function means you’ll work better, play better, have improved immunity, just to name a few. You have a choice, let the insurance companies dictate your aspirin care or be healthier. If you’ve always chosen the former – how’s that working for you? If you are expecting a different result, maybe it’s time to do something differently…..