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10% Potential

Health Potential

Science tells us that there are approximately 420 million nerve tracts. About 10% of those are responsible for how you “feel” or in other words, your symptoms. The other 90% of those nerves have to do with how your body functions. It’s the 90% function part that is responsible for making your insulin, regulating your blood pressure, maintaining the right amount of oxygen in your bloodstream – all your body functions.

headaches migraines infertility asthmaMost of our healthcare and insurance-based systems, as well as the bulk of the population, focus on that 10% of your body’s health potential. This makes it easy to see, that despite America spending the most money on healthcare, that as of May 2012, we are just the 33rd healthiest country. The most common way those therapies work is by interfering with the signals the body is sending back to the brain to tell it something is wrong. It would be asinine for our check engine light to come on in our car and all we did was spray a little black spray paint over the light so we don’t see it. No one would ever do that with a car, which is replaceable. So why do we do it with our bodies, which aren’t replaceable? Quite simply, that approach is not working.

Our chiropractic office concentrates on how you function, the other 90%. We all have 100% intelligence in our brain and it is our goal to make sure that EVERY SINGLE CELL of your body receives 100% of that intelligence from the brain.