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Chronic Headaches – 50 year old woman

Chronic Headaches

Dear Dr. Joe,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me feel better. I had just about reached the limit. I could have gone with the bad headaches and being unable to hold anything in my left hand. I was well on my way to being a cripple as one of my dear aunts informed me I was.

chronic headaches chiropractorMy mom and dad had told me about your office, but I had to really reach the point of such pain before I would try something so totally different.

Dr. Hornback, you will never know what joy and relief it was for me to have the pain gone from my back, the throbbing pain from my head. It might not have been the proper thing to do but I could have hugged you and your assistant both if I’d been there at the office. I wasn’t half way home when my headache was gone.

Now I’m feeling happier and better. I’m sleeping better and as my son said, “Mama, it’s so good to have you back!” It is good to be back and able to do things again with both hands and no more chronic headaches.

Thanking you again,


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