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Scoliosis – 29 year old woman


A lot of people take their health for granted, until it becomes apparent that medical intervention is necessary. I learned in my early teenage years of a condition called scoliosis being diagnosed with spinal curvature. In the early 1970’s physicians recommended surgery or wearing a cumbersome Milwaukee back brace for a long period of time. Luckily, my mom took me to a chiropractor versus the other treatments discussed.

I moved to Arizona from Wisconsin four years ago and did not have much luck in finding a chiropractor I could rely on. After several tries with various chiropractors, I gave up and stopped seeking treatment for almost a year. My life then became a constant battle with headaches, backaches, and I was frequently ill from catching simple viruses which were prevalent in the hospital work environment. Feeling pain and developing a lower immunity system did not help my day to day functions as a medical social worker. At times, my concentration was more on my own physical pain which made helping others difficult.

A few miracles soon came into my life, one of which included Dr. Joe Hornback. Urging from my fiance helped to bring me under the care of Dr. Joe where I have remained for the past year and a half. My health has improved to the point where I can lead an active life and not be a slave to suffering. With regular adjustments, I find less valuable time spent being sick.

I also want to thank Dr. Joe for his kindness and medical intervention last year following a car accident where I was rear-ended. This situation caused problems with my neck, shoulders and back. My recovery was prompted by regular care by Dr. Joe. There are no long term effects from the accident, because I went to see Dr. Joe immediately after the accident and continued under his care.



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