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Flu/Virus – 4 year old girl

Chiropractic for Cold and Flu Virus

Let me begin by saying both my children have been adjusted since they were two weeks old.

One night my four year old started complaining that her tummy hurt. We wrote this off as her attempting to skip dinner. Shortly thereafter she began to vomit. She proceeded to vomit ALL NIGHT LONG.

chiropractic for cold and fluThe next day, she still was not herself. Usually energetic, instead she was lethargic. We took her to see Dr. Joe Hornback for a much needed adjustment. Immediately following her adjustment she had energy! We could not stop her chatting. She was ready to go! Her little body got a recharge and her mind knew time was wasting after being down the whole night before! You could imagine my relief!

Dr. Joe was quick to warn that this sudden change in behavior would be temporary. He said she would crash hard. True to the Doc’s warning, she passed out on the car ride home and was out for the count. But the next day we had our little one back! Complete with energy, incessant questioning, and bright blue eyes!

We are definitely believers in chiropractic for cold and flu virus.


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