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Car Accident Injury – 31 year old woman

Car Accident Injury

Dear Dr. Hornback,

It gives me pleasure to be able to share with people my experience with chiropractic care.

I came to Dr. Hornback two weeks after a car accident. After consulting with my physician and receiving six sessions of physical therapy, he said that time would cure my problem and recommended an additional two weeks of therapy. After his diagnosis I decided to visit a chiropractor who was highly recommended by a good friend of mine. I needed some relief for my neck and back pain so I didn’t hesitate to visit Dr. Hornback immediately.

After an exam and x-rays, Dr. Hornback explained to me the reasons for my problems and suggested a treatment – receive adjustments three times per week. I began the treatment and just two weeks later I started to feel an improvement and I was able to perform my normal chores at home and work. Now, after a few months I continue to feel better. I also noticed that since I started receiving adjustments I no longer suffer from shoulder tension and I don’t get sick easily;

I am very happy with the results of the treatment and professionalism of Dr. Hornback, and I highly recommend him to others.



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