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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

neck pain 85028According to, neck pain is something 45% of today’s workers deal with. Right now, approximately 12% of women and 9% of men complain of neck pain.

Neck pain can range from a simple “crick” that we wake up with one morning to a more severe disc rupture. A Doctor of Chiropractic spends thousands of hours studying anatomy and physiology. He focuses on the alignment of the spine and can determine the appropriate way to proceed thru a thorough spinal examination.

neck pain shea blvdWhen the spinal bones get out of alignment, it closes the opening where the nerves come out. This interferes with the signals the brain is sending through the affected nerve. Often times, it can get inflamed and swollen in the area and cause a pinching sensation. It is also very common to have a pinched nerve that produces no pain at all, but results in numbness, tingling or a loss of function. When a Doctor of Chiropractic finds a misalignment, or VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION, he will determine the best way to correct it. Typically, he will apply a gentle but specific force in a specific direction and that is called a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments restore function to the area. They free up the fixated joint. They reposition the vertebra closer back to where it belongs. Finally, when those events occur, pressure is taken off the involved nerve allowing it to function better. Once the area is functioning better, the pain, tenderness and swelling reduce and the area gets back to normal.

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