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Asthma – 4 year old girl

Asthma and Chiropractic

Dear Dr. Hornback,

asthma 85028I just wanted to take this time to thank you and share with others our life changing experience with chiropractic care. Our daughter was two years old when she started having asthma attacks daily. She was a frequent visitor to the emergency room and had to be admitted to the children’s ward at the hospital. Once released, her pediatrician had her on six different prescriptions at the same time.

She is now four years old and has received chiropractic care now for close to a year. She no longer needs any prescription medications, and her breathing machine is collecting dust on the shelf.

I am now a true believer in chiropractic care. When my husband and I started seeing you, it was primarily for my husband’s lower back pain. We had no idea that chiropractic care helps and heals so much more.

Again, Dr. Joe, we thank you for opening our eyes to the healing power of chiropractic care.



The information furnished by Joe Hornback, D.C. is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. As each situation is unique, do not rely on this information for diagnosis and treatment. Please note, Dr. Joe Hornback did not diagnose asthma or treat asthma in Mary’s daughter. Any conditions referred to in this website have been diagnosed by other health care practitioners. Dr. Hornback’s only role was to remove vertebral subluxation nerve interference with regular, gentle chiropractic adjustments. Joe Hornback, D.C. recommends that you visit a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic for individual and personal attention. We want to be your chiropractor Phoenix 85028.