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Darryl Joe Hornback DC

Dr. Darryl Joe Hornback was born in Southern Illinois and graduated valedictorian of Meridian High School in Mounds, Illinois in 1979. He attended Southeast Missouri State University on a President’s Scholarship, earning his pre-chiropractic requirements.

Dr. Joe is a 1984 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He practiced for 3 years in rural Western Kentucky with a chiropractor who saw 400 office visits per week in a town of 899 people. He learned early-on the benefits of a high-volume, low-fee practice and taking care of patients in a manner he himself would like to be cared for. Building personal relationships with families has always been a key to a successful chiropractic for “LIFE” practice. It’s that kind of service and dedication that drew patients from all over Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Northwestern Tennessee to the small town office in Kentucky. Many people drove past dozens of chiropractors to get to their location.

Dr. Hornback continued that style of caring for the whole family after moving to Arizona in the fall of 1987. He was then tutored by Dr. Al Reach of Reach Chiropractic Life Centers in his first experience with a franchised chiropractic office. Dr. Reach had a very successful high-volume practice in West Phoenix for several years. Dr. Joe learned much about patient interaction, chiropractic adjusting and patient communication. These tools were important aspects of Dr. Joe’s successful practice in Tempe, Arizona for the next 15+ years.

From December 2011 to March 2019, Dr. Hornback worked with The Joint – The Chiropractic Place. He has learned and has had great success with the membership (or concierge) style of chiropractic practice. He sees this practice philosophy as the future of chiropractic care and healthcare in general. In the age of higher deductibles and less chiropractic coverage by insurance companies, the membership model is one that benefits everyone.

He says, “We need to shift our focus away from symptoms, which are about 10% of the problem. Unfortunately, 90% of our healthcare and insurance systems are concentrating on that 10%. We need to start being concerned with the other 90% – how our bodies are functioning. That is the focus of Phoenix Mountain Chiropractic Life Center.”

Dr. Hornback looks forward to taking care of you and your entire family with regular, gentle, affordable chiropractic care.